My Collaborations

Door by Francois Thevenin

I love to work with someone else, the ability of others is stimulating and it opens me to new horizons. I have known Francois Thevenin for 46 years and I have always admired his work. He studied the beaux-arts in Aix en Provence, France. He has huge talent, he can work with every medium he chooses except gold. I work in gold, so it was natural for us to collaborate. The creation of the bathroom basin is the result of this association. There is no big ego or selfishness between Francois and I, only the joy we share in making art. We are on the same wave length.
My collaboration with Thierry Lamare, a French painter-is similar. He brings me his strength and savoir faire; I bring my fantasy and my female side. He has a fabulous technique that I do not have. Our colors compliment each other. Our personalities mingle with no antagonism. I paint orchids with obsession, he paints the background so the flowers get all their worth. What I find extraordinary is that he has the patience, the kindness, the affection of a genuine friend.

I taught my son to do jewelry and some little girls of 5. Veronique, my daughter, is my manager and public relations person.

I’m very selfish, it took me so many years to master that technique that I can teach it to my son or someone i really love and on top of everything teaching is a job, I’m not a teacher I’m a maker, i don’t think I have the patience to do that. It is another talent

Stanley Marcus once wrote: “this jewelry is not for the timid”. I am always surprised when customers come to me, telling me when, where and why they bought my work. Suddenly the work I made in loneliness becomes a bond with people I have never met before and most of the time we become friends. They receive it as a gift but in fact I am the one who receives it. I have been showing my jewelry for the last 36 years in the USA and very few people were critical of my work. Some people are related by blood but my customers are related by gold. I am blessed to have some families who wear my work for four generations.

I work mainly with a torch. I use the torch as a painter would use a brush. It has become a very personal technique, even professionals in the business believe that my work is made from a cast but it is not. My technique was discovered out of necessity. I have taught these techniques to my son to the point that I am never sure who made what. Creating is a lovely adventure. Inspiration is not a due, it comes with everyday life experiences. Making small gold sculptures you can wear is my way of expression. When you like it, I thank you in my heart when you wear it, you are mine!


Handbag:Collaboration with Brigitte Montaut at JP Renard, Paris.


I never had the problem of collaboration with anyone because if it did not work I stopped right away.