Photo Gallery

CharlesVanel my surrogate Grandfather

1995 with Stanley Marcus, Dallas Texas

Baryshnikov, son of Josephene Baker Milos Forman & Jasmine Khan


Paris 1989

Jacques Couëlle & Jean Marais


Tatiana From Venturi Arte Fonderia, Bologna, Italy

Sculpture “Homme à la Canne”



Baryshnikov Late 1970’s

1975 In front of the St.Louis store, Jean Marie, Model & Stanley Marcus

Celebrating Stanley’s 90th Birthday 2000

Neiman Marcus 2000

With Jean Marie at age 25

The Houston Post 1975

Show in North Park with Veronique 2000

Pub for Neiman Marcus

Mougins, France 1973

Stephane, Jean Marie, Cyril, Veronique, Franck & Michel

Making the Gold Buttons for Paul Bocuse, Gaston Lenôtre & Roger Vergé

 Gaston Lenôtre, Roger Vergé & Paul Bocuse

Paul Bocuse 2000

Henri Larrieu my stone setter for 20 years. Now his grandson Matthieu Pizzuli sets the stones for my rings.

Jean Marais

Jeanne Moreau, Cannes Festival 1972

Veronique 4 years old 1973