Other Works of Art where boundaries are pushed 

1987 “General Meeting” Wood Painting 1.6 x 2.5 meters

1998 “Lavabo #1” Wash Basin in Stainless Steel with 22k Gold Decorations. Executed by François Thevenin 2.1 meters Tall

1999 “Boss Head”

Armchair in Leather & Iron with 22K Gold Decorations.

Executed by Fransçois Thevenin

Engraved Stainless Steel Front Door

Designed by Jean Mahie and executed by Fraçois Thevenin

1998 Goblet Grec with “Inquisition” 1985 Sculpture

1991 Sonne, Sonne Donc

Bronze Chair & Table

Three steps to making the Bronze. Smallest figure in 22K gold, the second figure in wax and the third figure in allestomere

Signore Daltoriore, Pietra Santa, Italy